We will be starting our Heritage-History Curriculum next week.  I am so excited.  This is a curriculum full of awesome books that will teach your child history through stories.  Conner and I will have a blast reading to each other.

Heritage-History  is a wonderful fit for anyone that uses a classical approach, a Charlotte Mason approach, or uses Old Fashioned Education or the Robinson Curriculum.  For us, we really like the philosophy behind the Robinson Curriculum which emphasizes self learning and independence.  The Robinson Curriculum focuses on reading, writing, and math and not making things too complicated, but encouraging self reliance and self study.

However I have always been attracted to the curriculum that is based on history, particularly learning history in a chronological order.   With the Heritage History Curriculum I feel I have found the perfect compliment to the Robinson Curriculum because it takes very much the same type of approach of reading in order to learn, using high quality books, but  with a chronological method.

Amazingly enough all of the books can be obtained for free on the Heritage-History site but by purchasing the Curriculum you will have computer copies of all of the books that can be printed, read online, or downloaded into your e-reader, as well as obtaining the Study Guide.   I think we may consider investing in an e-reader soon so having the e-reader files is a real plus.

The Study Guide will help so much, especially for those of us that just did not get that great grasp on history that we wish we had (definitely me!).  It provides an overview of the history to be learned, major events, and major characters.  It gives guidance on using the Curriculum, getting your child reading the books, allowing them to choose what to read, and accountability forms to help keep them reading and learning.  The Study Guide can also be obtained separately from the Curriculum just as the books may also purchased separately.


We will start next week with the Young Readers Classical Curriculum.  This is an excellent introduction to the history of Western civilization and  includes over 80 easy-to-read books.  This curriculum will give your child background knowledge on American, European, and Ancient History, legends, Bible stories, and literature and prepare them for the rest of the Curriculum sets that can  be taught in chronological order.

When I opened up the materials from Heritage-History, I was so pleased to see that it came totally ready to be dropped into a binder.  It has a front cover  that can  immediately be dropped into the front of a clear binder, a piece to drop into the side of the binder (to show what is in the binder even when it is on the shelf), and the pages were already 3-hole punched.  I immediately felt organized and ready to go.  Now all we have to do is get to READING, READING, READING  (I love that part!).

The Study Guide is really helpful too because it provides a listing of major events and major characters within American History, European History, Ancient History, and the Bible Stories.  It has a great discussion on how approach of Heritage-History differs from the modern methods of history instruction  and how to adapt to the differing interests of boys and girls.

Once we work our way through the YOUNG READERS  we plan to move forward with the rest of the Curriculum sets in chronological order:





These curriculum sets go into greater depth of study and are also organized by level of Young Readers, Intermediate, and Advanced.  You could easily use them to go through 2 or 3 cycles of history or make selections based on the reading level of your child.  The Study Guides are even more helpful, and to me even more essential, as there is more history outlined with major dates, eras, characters, as well as color maps.

I hope this review will encourage you to consider using Heritage-History.  The great folks at Heritage-History provided the Curriculum free to me since I was eager to spread the word on how much we love their site and their resources.

I know it will give my son an even greater interest in history and keep him reading too.

Okay, time to get back to the schoolwork!